Allie Hill


Hello, and thank you for dropping by!

My name is Allie Hill and I am a Malaysian-born graphic designer and illustrator. Over the 22 years of my work experience, I have had the immense good fortune to practice my craft in four beautiful cities: Kuala Lumpur, London, Bangkok and now Singapore.

I work mostly in the design-for-print media, and my past projects include branding, corporate communications, marketing materials, packaging design, book design and illustration work. I am thankful for my clients who come from a wide spectrum of industries – from education to retail to charities – and with each project I learn a little more about my craft and my purpose as a design craftsperson.

In this online portfolio I have compiled a small selection of projects that I hope will give you a feel for my style. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any enquiries, or wish to see more projects.